The success of judicial recovery proceedings is based largely on the ability of obtaining a clear and homogeneous situation report about the size, progress and cost of management practices, as well as the ability to monitor the times for internal and external legal activities, using effective and timely communications.

Masterlegal enables these goals to be achieved, as well as creating letters and legal deeds, and supports both budget assessments and Civil Procedures Telematics.

Computerises the flow of operations

Renders data structure uniform, improving communications and the regulation of all of the stages in processes, maximising both productivity and results.

A single work screen at the centre of legal management

Using the “Client Folder”, the data and documentation for each location are gathered organically and historically, and at the same time, provides a set of tools necessary for controlling and managing legal activities.

Planning and monitoring activities

  • Activities and review dates can be programmed on the basis of times set by the user or according to the processing times for different procedures;
  • Procedural delays are reported quickly to allow speedy corrective intervention;
  • Legal costs are calculated and, thanks to structured analyses of performances, it generates the anticipated percentage recovery and loss rates for each practice.

Calculates the amounts of Legal costs

Enables control of each practice and speed, and speeds up flows of recovered money. Reduces the time spent managing bad debts.

Automatically processes different types of deeds and correspondence

Using predefined templates, it extracts the required information from the database along with the model texts to be created.

Supports the P.C.T – Telematic Civil Procedure

It is integrated with the “Lawyer’s Console” for automatic deposition of decrees at the competent court and receives the feedback with the results from the Court register.

Supports risk fund valuations

Makes all of the documentation required to calculate the allocated losses fund available in a clear and accessible way.