• For over 18 years, we’ve been successfully building professional solutions for credit recovery management…

  • …specialised by business type, and researched for a modern, technologically progressive market.

Team work · Integrity · Enthusiasm · Innovation

We are a highly specialised professional Team, equipped with years of experience in credit and systems for its management, in terms of both development and integration.  We analyse the requirements with the clients and take care of the configurations best suited to their circumstances that ensure prompt support and the correct maintenance of the products installed.

Our applications, which are entirely web based, arise from understanding the problems and offering solutions that ensure full coverage of processes and their control, with the aim of maximising productivity, but in a way that is flexible, thanks to expert tools for implementing operational activities.

We offer solutions with high added value because they are based on a know how that is tailored and uses a proven business analysis methodology, judging from the concrete results already obtained.

Creditcare Suite

Refined over time, this is now a suite of four market-segment specific versions.


Solution designed especially for handling claims litigation and court cases.

CTI Credit Collection

Voice over IP - Auto-dialling - Routing and Call Recording will all be at your disposal without having to invest in HW and SW.
Years design and implementation experience
Years presence on the market
Million debtor positions currently managed
Billion € the current value of managed credits


Web Based Solutions to ensure reliability, regardless of the user environment and operational capacity, simplifying system administration and maintenance.


Advanced tools are available to customise recovery actions on the basis of risk, and the characteristics and responses of each Client.


Control of credentials and access according to assigned profiles; user activities completely traceable on LOG and security protocol for data transfers.