CTI Credit Collection

Telephony has always been an important part of recovery activities, both as an activity in itself and as a stage in more articulated recovery strategies. Thanks to our experience, we can optimise your telephone business, even without our application solutions, via two different levels of intervention that can significantly increase productivity.


These are based on the use of PBX (Private Brunch Exchange) Asterix,  does not require the purchase of third party licenses and offers several advantages:

  • VOIP communications handling, on local networks and via the internet;
  • use of headphones to replace traditional telephone equipment;
  • eliminates manual dialling of telephone numbers;
  • routes inbound traffic;
  • records calls.

Proprietary NIXXIS Solutions

This is an advanced solution that requires payment for a user licence, depending on the number of operators, and which ensures a powerful, highly professional management.

  • Outbound Autodialer (even in predictive mode);
  • Inbound ACD;
  • Multi Media Agent;
  • IVR;
  • Monitoring of Agents and Campaigns;
  • Statistics (campaigns/agents, contacts, times, contract expiry etc.).