Creditcare Suite

Managing missed payments for personal loans or goods purchased on credit is not like handling a reminder for an overdue telephone or freight forwarder’s bill, and undertaking recovery activities for them is not like providing a service to a third party.

There are many distinctions, such as having to handle data and information with different structures and levels of complexity, and applying different recovery strategies from time to time. As is the different relevance and intensity that some processes have, whether we’re talking about an ADR or a company that only handles its own credits.

Creditcare Suite not only takes all of these differences into account, but makes them a common factor for its operating and management tools, which are the most advanced available on the market, thereby making them available to Users.

  • Creditcare Business

    aimed at the “Invoicing” domain

  • Creditcare Financial

    for Banks and Finance Houses

  • Creditcare Utility

    for Energy and Gas distribution companies

  • Creditcare Collection

    for third party Recovery companies

A compact, modular and customisable graphic interface

On entry, the system displays a summary of assigned practices and accessible functionality. A single “Client Folder” screen, for managing everything in one place: consultations, additions, letters sent, appointments, notes, PDRs and undertakings, blocking or redirecting the file and closing it.

Client Folder

A single screen for accessing all information and documentation for a file and performing a recovery activity punctually, or attending to Back Office tasks.

SMS, Letters, Telephone Reminders, Collections

Expert tools optimising every entrusted ”packet” by creating an entire set of documentation and rules, depending on the nature of the actions and type of credit.

Expert, powerful, flexible deployment procedure

Postal, telephone and ex-post activities, using “smart” algorithms based on “agent”, “creditor” and “expired” attributes and previous outcomes. The arrangement of batch processing makes three credit limit modes available, which can be mixed together:

  • Manually: handled by the activity Supervisor via parameter filters defining the credit limit;
  • By file: based on a list of Client codes in Excel format;
  • By strategy: entirely automated based on the processing work-flow assigned by the Client.

Phone Collection EVO

Ensures an unknown level of working efficiency by integrating itself with your own dynamic and prioritised call list. Available as an optimised work list for handling contacts and connecting itself with the PABX from ASTERIX for auto-dialler, inbound routing and recording calls, without the need to acquire software or additional licenses.

  • uses a professional work screen to optimise handling efficiency;
  • clear presentation of relevant data for recovery activities, by selected period;
  • contact classifications (type, number details, interlocutor, risk);
  • automatic recall for free and busy numbers and control via max. number of calls;
  • management of outcomes, notes, recalls and attachments;
  • updates for new contacts.

Supports ADR recovery activities

Manages payments and generates the deposit slips; allows re-allocations between Agencies, performs end-of-life checks and position closures. Supports loss management and calculates commissions.

Differentiated standard reporting tools

  • Tasks can be filtered and reproduced on paper, or as an Excel file;
  • operational lists, as well as those aggregated at an Agency level can be obtained;
  • allows drill- down analysis of portfolios and has control dashboards.