Business Proposal

We’ve developed a sophisticated and flexible business proposal that allows you to acquire our products in the most appropriate way, regardless of the size of your business, depending on your spending policies, organisational level, and the availability of IT resources.

In all cases, the final price is determined by the number of Users based on optional application modules that can be added to the standard configuration.

User license for an indefinite time

Allows a one-off payment for a licence to use the software, with the right to use it forever.  The provisions in the sales contract make signing a Maintenance contract obligatory, the cost of which is proportional to the software purchased.

Software- as-a-Service (SaaS)

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option is a CLOUD service based on standard modules, that can be configured according to the Company’s requirements.  It provides for a monthly payment fee for maintenance, without the need to invest in infrastructure, hardware and software, and minimises the involvement of IT companies. It is sufficient to activate the service every three to six months, depending on the configurations and modules selected.

Long term leasing

Thanks to an existing agreement between Hermes Informatica SRL and GRENKE LOCAZIONI SRL, you can purchase a licence to use our software by entering into a Leasing Agreement, so that the aforementioned finance company ultimately purchases the goods and you are then granted a lease, with a final redemption agreement.